The more a woman rubs, the more healthy her points

The more a woman rubs, the more healthy her points

Women are always a hot topic. How many people are “gentle town, heroic grave” for women after all!

Am I saying women are bad?

Obviously not, women are always the most beautiful and beautiful beings that God has given to this world.

Isn’t such a stunner worthy of our love?

But you know what?

In fact, Sanyinjiao is a huge property left by our parents.

Can help us stay young, delay aging, extend menopause, and ensure the charm of women.

Sanyinjiao is on the lower leg, and the highest point of the toe bone is three inches up (with your hands placed horizontally, about four fingers across).

What magic effect does Sanyinjiao have on a woman?

1. Maintenance of the uterus and ovary of the human veins, Dumai, and Chongmai, the three meridians of Qi, all originate from the cell palace (uterus and ovary).

Among them, Ren Mai is in charge of the whole body’s blood, Du Mai is in charge of the whole body’s gas, and Chong Mai is the director of all meridians.

Every night from 5 to 7 pm, when the renal meridians are in season, press the Sanyinjiao points on each leg for about 15 minutes to maintain the uterus and ovaries.

Promote the smooth flow of Renmai, Dumai and Chongmai.

As long as a woman’s qi and blood are unblocked, her face will look rosy and white, her sleep will be firm, and her skin and muscles will not be broken or loose.

2. Tighten the muscles of the face so that the face does not sag. Look at Zhang Manyu and Zhao Yazhi. Now their faces are tight and not sagging, because their diet is very regular and their spleen is not harmed.

Look at the big beauty Guan Zhilin, who often has parties at home, uncontrolled diet, uncontrolled drinking, hurts the spleen, the face is now very relaxed, and the old state suddenly appears.

Often hurt the temper, the bladder and body muscles will recover and relax.

If you want to fight the gravity of the earth after the age of 40, make sure that your face and chest don’t sag.

In addition to having a normal diet, it is also necessary to regularly rub the left and right legs of the Sanyinjiao points for about 20 minutes at about 9 o’clock in the evening when Sanjiao Jing is on, because Sanyinjiao is a big point for spleen meridians.

3. Regulate menstruation, remove spots, wrinkles, and remove acne. Sanyinjiao is the point where the three meridians meet the spleen, liver, and kidney.

Among them, the spleen turns angry blood and controls the blood.

Liver hides blood, kidney essence gets angry.

As long as a woman is full of qi and blood, those diseases that are called irregular menstruation, such as early menstruation, late menstruation, and irregular menstruation, will disappear.

The women’s planks with spots, acne, and wrinkles are actually related to irregular menstruation.

As long as the San Jiao Jing is on the order at 9-11 pm every day, you can adjust menstruation, freckle, acne, and wrinkle by pressing Sanyinjiao on both legs for 15 minutes each.

However, it is effective only if you insist on it. You can see the effect after you press and knead daily for one month.

If you expect to see results in a day or two, you can only dream.