Exercise makes you a perfect man

Exercise makes you a perfect man

Generally, the strong abdominal muscles should be the pain of every man’s heart forever. I think that when I was young, I was also a beautiful six-piece muscle. However, there is only a little beer belly left.

If you stick to exercise from now on, you can rejuvenate your youth.

  ◎The Spartans in the bodybuilding back muscle “300 Warriors” are bare upper body, but look at their beautiful lines, the tight pair is definitely a natural hanger.

It plays a key role in the stability of the body. When exercising, all the pull-ups can be exercised to the buttocks muscles, upwards, backwards, and backwards. However, because the hip muscles are more complex, multiple methods are needed.Exercise from different angles.

  ◎Recommended instruments: Pull-up action essentials: Use the pull-ups to exercise the buttocks to increase the width of the buttocks.

The hand grip is wider than the shoulder, forcefully lift the body, make the lower jaw exceed the horizontal bar, and then control the body to slowly shift.

Generally do 3-4 groups, each group 8-12 times.

  Note: Don’t shake your body during the movement, don’t push it too fast.

The wider the grip, the more irritating fractures on both sides of the latissimus dorsi.

  ◎ Sexy pectoral muscles The latest online voting results show that the most popular male body parts are actually part of the body, even more than the appearance, arms, head, smile and hair.

If you want to make your charms more charming, you have to make your hair look good.

  ◎Recommended equipment: barbell bench press action essentials: lie flat, the back of the head, the upper body and the buttocks are placed close to each other, the feet are naturally wide, about 30-40 cm apart, the hands are holding the barbell, the thumb is wrapped around the barbell,Form a full grip with the other four fingers, with the palm edge facing up.

Lift the barbell from the cradle, straighten your arms, and translate the barbell vertically above your collarbone, tightening the scapula.

After a few seconds, slowly and smoothly control the underground low barbell until it is close to the top position.

  Note: The back of the head and the shoulder blade should be close to each other. The back waist should always maintain a natural arch shape during the whole bench press, and the waist should not be extra force or deliberate.

Maintain muscle tension from start to finish during training, and twice when pushing the barbell.

Do not lock the elbows when pushing the barbell to straighten your arms, which helps keep your chest muscles tight.

  ◎The perfect biceps biceps with strong biceps should be the dream of every man, because it is a symbol of strength, and the tight arm can also give women a sense of security.

If you want to put the sleeves of a t-shirt on your arm in the summer, or let your girlfriend sleep comfortably on your body, start exercising!

  ◎Recommended instruments: Dumbbell curling action essentials: Sitting on the instrument, put the arm on the cushion, can apply protection.

Hold the dumbbell with one hand and the arm up.

The arm is moderately bent, and the elbow joint is slightly bent. If it is “tight” too straight, it is easy to be injured, and it can be bent 30-35 times.

  Note: The final relaxation is also important, which is beneficial to the development of muscles to long lines and streamlines.

Just doing dumbbell exercises, muscles and joints will be a little painful, pay attention to rest after exercise.