Bathing can lose weight?

Bathing more than rushing weight loss points slimming fast

Bathing can lose weight?
Bathing more than rushing weight loss points slimming fast

Guide: Can you lose weight during the bathing process?

This is definitely true, but you must be sure to find acupuncture points. As long as we wash these weight-loss points while showering, we can easily become slim.

Do not believe that you can try it, the shower acupressure method is recommended for everyone.

  Shenshu acupoints – thin waist, a thin waist and thin bath can eliminate the waist fatigue pain and the acupuncture points of the meat with too many complications, located in the kidneys and the Shenshu point at the waist and the two fingers wide from the left and right sides of the vertebraeTwo-finger wide room.

  Weight loss method: use the fluffy head and the two acupuncture points to distance 30-45 cm, straight into the acupuncture point for 10 minutes.

Repeated showering effect is not bad.

  Tianshu big giant – waist weight loss, small belly disappeared bath Tianshu point is three degrees from the left and right sides of the navel, it is helpful to remove constipation accumulated in the lower abdomen.

The big cave is located about 3 horizontal fingers below the Tianshu point.

When flushing, the parallel line connecting the navel line is OK.

  Weight loss method: Align the water to the lower end of the center of the sternum, and slowly move the shower head downwards, and rush to the abdomen through the navel.

Then, the parallel lines of the navel line are flushed from top to bottom, and repeatedly washed back and forth.

It can be drenched for about 10 minutes.

  Chengfu points – weight loss, ass and awkward baths are the easiest to overcome the increase in age and pile up.

The Chengfu point is located below the center of the front horizontal line, and the fingers will feel the bones when pressed down.

Frequent stimulation of Chengfu points can prevent the hips from sagging and also have the effect of repeating excess meat accumulation.

  Shower method: The head of the pontoon is slanted upwards and straight into the sacred point for 5 minutes.

Then, slash the buttocks meat down from the bottom for 3 minutes along the hips.

If you feel a little sore, it means the stimulation is very effective.

  The acupoints of the arm and acupoint fractures – thin arms, arms and fiber baths These two acupuncture points can help to eliminate the old waste in the arm. The one-handed force will cause deltoid muscles with one hand, and the front end of the deltoid muscle is a little arm, but far away.The end is the bone part under the arm socket and the middle point of the elbow, and there is a slight pain when pressed.

  Weight loss method: use water to directly rush two points for 5 minutes each.

Alternate 3 times until the skin is red.

  In the middle of the center of the Chengshan and the Central Committee, the Chengjiao is located in the center of the connecting line between the mountain and the committee.

Stimulate these 3 points, which can eliminate leg fatigue and edema and prevent the accumulation of old waste.

  Weight loss method: Vertically punch these 3 acupoints, each rushing for about 3 minutes.

If you don’t want to find acupuncture points, just touch the calf muscles and see which parts are the hardest. Just go straight to those places.

When you cramp your calf muscles, it is effective!

  Yinmen-legs, thighs and slender baths are located on the lower left side of the knee and the knees, about 2/5 of the head.

  Weight loss method: use a fluffy head to straighten the acupuncture point for about 3 minutes.

Then the knees are slightly bent, straight into the thighs, and the thighs are red, which is already burning.

  Tips: Keep in mind these acupuncture points that are good for weight loss. You can help you lose weight by washing these parts during the bathing process.