15 minutes a day, pebbles help buck

15 minutes a day, pebbles help buck

There are many acupuncture points on the human body’s feet, which are connected to many nerve lines of the human body.

Some people say that a foot is like a miniature of a person’s body. Through the foot massage, the nerves can be relieved, relieve fatigue, relax, and to a certain extent, can have the effect of high blood pressure.

  Research institutes abroad have found that pebbles can be used instead of massage.

Walking for fifteen minutes on it is equivalent to a foot massage for ten minutes. It can also stimulate the muscles and strengthen the bones, strengthen the nerve sensitivity and promote blood circulation.

These understandings can only be said to be a general explanation for the enhancement of lower limb function and aerobic exercise, and it is difficult to explain the effect of lowering blood pressure.

  From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, the foot and the whole body are closely connected through the meridian.

Foot Sanyin begins in the foot, and the foot Sanyang terminates in the foot.

The hand Sanyin and the hand Sanyang are connected with the same name meridian of the foot through the relationship between the table and the head.

The Yangwei veins in the Qijing eight veins, the yin and the yang around the veins all originate from the foot, and can also treat high blood pressure by guiding the gas.

In this way, the fitness effect of pebbles lowering blood pressure can be understood.

  The efficacy of foot massage has been confirmed by the world, and its effect on the treatment of hypertension is also scientifically demonstrated.

If you don’t believe it, you can look at the people who often do foot massage. They are full of energy and refreshed, and they will believe that massage the feet can treat high blood pressure.