Let a woman breast, a strong food for men

Let a woman breast, a strong food for men

Although the food supplement will not happen overnight, but as long as you step by step, you will certainly welcome the surprise of the upgrade!

  Papaya, milk: Papaya is a traditional breast food, vitamin A content is extremely rich, and the lack of vitamin A will prevent the synthesis of estrogen.

Milk also contributes to alkaline development, papaya and milk, and the effect of breast enhancement is doubled.

  Beans: Soybeans, green beans and black beans are famous breast foods. They not only add protein, lecithin, but also “phytoestrogens” and “isoflavones”, which can effectively increase the level of estrogen in the body, thus maintaining a slightYouthful beauty.

Moreover, it also has the effect of preventing osteoporosis in middle-aged women!

  Walnuts, pine nuts: walnuts and pine nuts are classic nourishing foods, they contain vitamin E and zinc, which is beneficial to delay breast aging, transform protein, minerals, B vitamins are also very rich, or a good hairdressing emollient.

What’s more important is that walnuts and pine nuts are good sources of linolenic acid, which is the most popular health care ingredient in the chest. It has the function of stimulating the synthesis of estrogen.

  Gum type: sea cucumber, chicken feet, pig feet, pig tail, look at these food names, you know that their gums are so rich!

These are the essential foods for breast enhancement!

They are all phospholipids, proteins and lipids, and are essential nutrients for breast enhancement.

  Sesame: Peanuts and black sesame seeds are known to be supplemented with vitamin E. They can re-metabolize and develop, improve mature egg cells, stimulate the secretion of estrogen, thereby promoting the growth of breast tubes and breast growth.

Sesame still contains strong anti-aging substance Sesame Phenol, which is an important nourishing food for preventing female aging. Among them, B vitamins are very rich in content, which can promote metabolism and facilitate the synthesis of estrogen and progesterone, so it can make breast function.
  If you want a strong man to look over, because men consume more physical strength and nutrition than women in their sexual life, men should pay more attention to supplementing nutrition, which is very important for the quality and vitality of sperm.

Both traditional medicine and modern medicine believe that the choice of special effects can achieve the goals of strong, aphrodisiac, kidney, and body.

  Amaranth: Amaranth, also known as sungrass, aphrodisiac, and longevity, is a common vegetable with strong growth.

The leek is almost tender and fresh, and the nutrition is also very rich.

In the “Compendium of Materia Medica”, it is said that leeks supplement liver and life gate, cure urination frequency, enuresis and so on.

Amaranth has a prominent role in warming the liver and kidney, helping the yang to strengthen the essence, so there is the name of “sun grass” in the pharmacopoeia.

  Loach: Loach contains high quality protein, traces, vitamin A, vitamin B1, niacin, iron, phosphorus, calcium, etc.

It is sweet, flat, has Buzhong Yiqi, nourishing kidney and essence, and has a better effect on regulating sexual function.

Loach contains a special protein that promotes sperm formation.

Men often eat muddy to nourish and strengthen themselves.

  Shrimp: Shrimp is not only delicious, but also has a high benefit for both tonic and medicinal purposes.

People often eat shrimp, which has the effect of strengthening the body.

  Chinese medicine believes that it is sweet, salty, warm, and has a strong kidney and kidney effect.

Anyone who has been ill for a long time, has shortness of breath, lacks energy, and does not think about eating, can use it as a nourishing food.

  Oysters: Oysters are rich in zinc and iron, phosphorus, calcium, high-quality protein and other vitamins.

Its taste is salty, sexually cold, and it has the effect of nourishing yin and yang, and tonifying kidney and phlegm.

Men often eat oyster cocoa to improve sexual function and sperm quality.

It has a better effect on male fatigue, kidney deficiency and impotence.

  Lamb: Mutton is a good complement to winter.

“Materia Medica is new” said that mutton can “compensate for labor, benefit strength, strengthen the road, and appetite.”

Cook the mutton, eat meat and drink soup, can cure men’s five labor and seven injuries and stomach deficiency impotence, etc., and have the effect of warming the cold, warming the blood and so on.

Sheep kidney completely spermatorrhea, aphrodisiac kidney effect, suitable for kidney deficiency.

  Green Onions: It is said that young people at certain weddings in the Balkans will have onions at the wedding ceremony, indicating that they hope that the newcomers will be healthy and happy.

Modern medical research shows that onion is very rich in nutrients. It contains various plant hormones and various vitamins to ensure the normal secretion of human hormones, benign stimulating sexual desire, and thus play a role of aphrodisiac.

  Honey: Honey contains a plant hormone similar to human pituitary hormone, which has obvious biological activity of active gland, and the sugar in honey is very beneficial to the formation of semen.

Therefore, those who are weak, high in age and sexual function have a good effect by insisting on taking honey products.