I want to keep my health, I need to raise my kidneys first: I have to bear these taboos to raise my kidneys. No wonder you have little effect.

I want to keep my health, I need to raise my kidneys first: I have to bear these taboos to raise my kidneys. No wonder you have little effect.

There are clouds in the old saying: the kidneys are Tibetan and can nourish and warm the body’s internal organs, almost the essence of the kidneys, so modern people are paying more and more attention to the maintenance of the kidneys. The methods of nourishing the kidney and protecting the kidneys are also endless, but the kidneys are alsoPay attention to the method, we must not go into the misunderstanding of raising the kidney!

What is wrong with raising kidney?


Aphrodisiac is to raise the kidney?

The key to nourishing the kidney in many people’s eyes is to have an aphrodisiac. In fact, this is the difference between the nourishing kidney and the aphrodisiac.

In the concept of Chinese medicine, kidney deficiency is usually divided into kidney yang deficiency and kidney yin deficiency, while kidney deficiency refers to tonifying kidney yang or tonifying kidney yin. We say that aphrodisiac is to be aphrodisiac, aiming at tonifying kidney yang, if you need to tonify kidney yin butBlind use of aphrodisiac will actually bring counter-effects.


Physical discomfort is kidney deficiency?

Non-fast-paced life leads to poor physical fitness, which leads to large and small problems. Many people think that these diseases are caused by kidney deficiency, so if the body is relieved, they will rush to choose kidney. In fact, this is the wrong approach.
For example, many people think that tinnitus is caused by kidney deficiency, but weak and weak spleen and stomach can also cause tinnitus. If it is only blindly tonifying kidney, it will cause misdiagnosis treatment and even high blood pressure. The correct approach is comprehensive examination and targeted treatment.


Does the kidney have a quick effect?

Many people are sometimes quick and effective when they are tonifying the kidneys, but they often do not reach or even harm the health of the kidneys. This method of tonifying kidneys is not advisable.

Everyone needs to know that kidney yang deficiency and kidney yin deficiency are interrelated and dependent. Usually, the kidney needs a small amount of cycle and the prominent is slowly conditioning.


Kidney is just a man’s business?

Most people think that kidney supplementation is only a man’s business, but in fact women also need kidney.

Once a woman has kidney deficiency, she will have back pain, weakness, amenorrhea, and excessive sweat. If she can’t improve her kidney deficiency symptoms in a timely manner, she may even cause a series of health problems.

Kidney is the birth of mankind, male and female must engage in daily kidney and kidney work.


Young people do not need to raise kidneys?

Not many young people are too confident about their health. They think that raising kidney is a thing for the elderly and they don’t need to raise their kidneys. In fact, this is a wrong concept.

Young people continue to stay up late because of work or night life, do not pay attention to work and rest, plus stress to overcome, often have insomnia and dreams, easy to fatigue and other symptoms of kidney deficiency, this time should pay more attention to kidney and kidney, the only way to make kidney deficiency damage.


Kidney must take medicine?

Not mentioning the kidney, many people think of the first time to eat supplements or tonics, but in fact all drugs have certain side effects, especially the variety of kidney-reinforcing drugs on the surface of the city, especially kidney yang andThe drugs to be taken by kidney yin deficiency are also different. If you take blind medication, it will cause irreversible damage to the kidneys.

It is recommended that you identify the type of kidney deficiency and then choose the right kidney-reinforcing medicine, and pay attention to healthy eating habits. Only in this way can you really maintain kidney health.

There are many ways to raise kidneys today. Everyone should be alert to the six misunderstandings of nourishing the kidney. Only the correct kidney can effectively reduce the incidence of kidney disease and make them healthy and longevity.