Everyone loses weight on the subway to do weight loss exercise

Everyone loses weight on the subway to do weight loss exercise

How can I lose weight healthily and quickly?

Many MMs will ask this question. In fact, there are opportunities to lose weight in daily life.

The subway is a competitor that office workers ride every day.

Then do you know that the subway is also a good weight-loss resource?

As long as you use the time on the subway to do a small range of sports, pass the time and lose weight, why not.

  Three-way subway slimming exercise one: pull the ring legs, if the MRT just did not sit on the seat, pull the ring, hold the foot back, you can tilt the thigh line, so that the legs are more compact and beautiful.

Pulling the ring legs, can shrink the thigh lines.

  Move 2: The calf is soothing, sitting on the chair with a little foot, remember to hook the foot to the front of the foot, put the hand down and press down, can step on the calf fish muscle part, for the usual need to walk, long standingOffice workers are very useful and it is not easy to have radish legs.

  Move 3: Standing, holding the ball at the back of the right foot, lifting the foot to the right, the thigh should try to move the body vertically, and then move to the muscles. After lifting up and down ten times, then reduce the foot to the left and rear, and reduce it ten times.Change your feet and train your legs and abdomen. In the process, you should use the strength of your stomach to support your body.

  Taking care of the massage, the weight loss is better. The umbilical weight is sitting or lying down. The right hand of the massager is close together. The finger is placed on the navel and pressed down properly.

  Ring touch massage weight loss method The right palm begins to touch from the heart and mouth, through the left rib, down to the lower abdomen, up to the original right under the right rib.

So ring for 36 laps.
Then use the left palm to ring 36 turns in the opposite direction from the heart and mouth.

  This is the most thorough method.

It can be done before going to bed at night or while watching TV.

Urine can stimulate the nerve endings, open the skin and the capillaries of the aunt’s aunt, speed up metabolism, promote the discharge of waste from the skin tissue, and of course reduce the aunt.

  Walking off the excess meat, ordinary walking is suitable for commuting, walking after meals, shopping and shopping.

According to your needs, you can choose slow, medium or fast.

Fast is not equal to urgent, just a little faster than the medium speed.

Walking can relax the bones, calm the blood, and lay a long-term foundation for weight loss.

  When the rocker arm is walking, it is offset in the front, back, left and right. The pace of the pace is swung back and forth, or it is lifted up and down. This has many advantages for improving the function of the upper limbs, shoulders and chest. It can also cause shoulder inflammation and chest tightness.