A red bean can thin the thigh and waist belly every day.

A red bean can thin the thigh and waist belly every day.

Specific steps to use red beans to lose weight: 1.

Buy red beans, also called small beans, red beans, red beans, different places are called different.

Soak red beans, 24 hours 3 .

Boiled red beans, the best casserole, but I use the pressure cooker, faster, cooked to the best bean paste, casserole is 2 and a half hours, pressure cooker for 10 minutes, and then you can eat.

  Hong Kong popular red bean diet material: 200 grams of red beans, 5 grams of dried tangerine peel, a small amount of salt specific practice: first soak the red beans for half an hour, add boiling water 500cc water, cook for about 30 minutes, you must cook the red beans right,Then turn off the flame.

Use hot water to soak the dried tangerine peel. After the red beans are cooked and turned off, put the tangerine peel in the red bean soup, cover it for ten minutes, then add a little salt.

After the meal, total, at least two weeks.

  Say goodbye to the big belly – Chenpi red bean paste production: After the red bean is soaked, steamed with water, add water and sugar to boil the bean paste, then use a fine sieve to filter the bean skin, add the chopped dried tangerine peel and cook for a few minutes.
The sweet red bean paste has a hint of fragrant tangerine peel.

  Women: Reduce the accumulation of abdominal feces and help you bid farewell to the big belly.