Quick walk and fruit to create sexy stovepipe

Quick walk and fruit to create sexy stovepipe

Guide: See the big legs of the models on the T-shaped table.

Many MMs will be envious.

I believe that some MM will secretly imitate the catwalk in front of the mirror, but the style and confidence of the model.

The following small series gives you some suggestions for stovepipes, so that you can harvest a pair of slender and attractive legs and walk out the wonderful and confident life path.

  Sister, you boldly go forward “causal relationship” is a truth we must admit, we do not have to envy the beautiful legs of the models.

In fact, there is a causal relationship between their walking posture and their beautiful legs. The beautiful legs are because they walk to shape the shape of the legs.

One of the best things to do is to suck your stomach, walk quickly, and walk big.

Sister, you boldly go forward.

The method of abdominal breathing is actually very simple. When we inhale, the belly swells.

When exhaling, the belly tightens.

Although it may not be used at first, it is accustomed to stimulating gastrointestinal motility and promoting waste discharge in the body, which can also make the airflow smooth and increase lung capacity.

  If you walk like them all day, the eyes of passers-by will be enough for you to take your footsteps into a straight line, but don’t deliberately go this way. It will be OK to stick to it for 20 minutes every day. In less than 5 minutes, you willI found that my thigh root was very sore.

This will last for more than 20 days, and you will see the effect in front of the mirror.

  In addition to going to eat, we will have found a good way to act, then the rest is in the food.

I asked the surrounding sisters if I knew what food was helpful for the stovepipe. Most of the sisters answered the strips like cucumber.

Oh, if your psychological suggestion is extremely powerful, you can try this placebo diet.

Just kidding, I will give you a gift pack below.

  Most of the legs are not successful in weight loss, mainly because they are too dependent on exercise and not pay attention to diet.

These people often clearly limit the substitution of the transition, rather than paying less attention to the role played by it in the slightest.

Therefore, a combination of low feces and high fiber should be done on the diet.

That is to eat more vegetables and fruits, eat less of those previously licked.

Here are some good things to introduce to your stovepipe.

Xiaobian’s message: The stovepipe method mentioned above needs to suck the stomach, walk quickly, and stride.

Therefore, it is recommended not to wear high heels, to avoid spraining the foot and foot.