Yoga is also important for men!

Yoga is also important for men!

Thinking of yoga, Indian sitar music, sandalwood, and limbs twisted into weird postures will come to mind.

Many men believe that yoga is a feminine sport, full of feminine feeling, not suitable for men.

This impression cannot be said to be completely wrong, but there must be a deviation.

Many people who have practiced yoga will say that yoga actually represents meditation, deep rest, relaxation and soft body.

It is for this reason that many men are beginning to discover the benefits of yoga.

This is not. Now more and more men are practicing yoga in and out of the gym carrying yoga mats. Do n’t worry about losing your masculinity when you practice yoga. In fact, even NBA star Kobe and football evergreen Giggs are alsoIt is a pure man who practices yoga.

  Modern men’s lives are too tiring, competition is too fierce, their bodies are too stiff, they accumulate too much stress, and they suffer from inadequate exercise.

A “senior macho” said that after the age of 40, his only remaining exercise was to walk up and down.

If you drag your tired body back into the gym, move your legs on the treadmill, or exercise your pectoral muscles, you will feel as cruel as the mule who is going to work and continue to push the stone mill.

  Some yoga classes are aware of the needs of men and offer lessons focused on rest and rejuvenation, instead of highlighting the slim effect when promoting to the female literature.

A yoga master proudly revealed to me that the coach of a large fitness center also came to his class after work to ensure energy.

  In fact, there are long-term literature in foreign countries showing that men who have a fixed exercise habit, 3.

6% will also practice yoga by the way. Although the number is not high, it is still slightly higher than the number of people who played football that year.

Local yoga teachers have found that men do not like very focused lotus postures and are not used to overly static meditation classes.

On the contrary, some courses that contain a series of flowing postures and have a sense of gradual movement are most popular with male scholars.

They feel that practicing this yoga will not lose their masculinity.

“Speaking of them, men are like active children. To calm them down, they must take their time and work hard.