The culprit of psychological stress: misinterpreted ideas of success

The “culprit” of psychological stress: misinterpreted ideas of success

Recently, a graduate student from a famous university in Beijing has not left for 22 days, and news about the death of a PhD student at the Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has frequently appeared in newspapers. The psychological quality of graduate students has once again been pushed to the forefront.
In this regard, some experts who have been engaged in psychological research and counseling in universities for a long time believe that the misinterpreted concept of success is the social source of psychological pressure on graduate students today.
  Nie Zhenwei, deputy director of the Psychological Counseling Center of Beijing Normal University, pointed out that the psychological pressure of graduate students usually includes two parts: self pressure and external pressure.
Self-stress is often different, but the external pressure that graduate students generally have in common has something in common.
  A classmate has studied chemistry in a famous university, which is one of the top universities in China. Almost all the students in the class take the ideal of becoming a world-class chemist, and this student who wants to be a middle school chemistry teacherIt became alien, and his ideas were considered “unproductive” by his classmates.
Under tremendous psychological pressure, the student chose to transfer and eventually found a sense of belonging in a normal university.
  Nie Zhenwei analyzed that this story is a microcosm of today’s public values. In that famous university, “research” is considered to be talent; in society, those who can make a lot of money, luxury car homes, and stand out are considered successful.
Correspondingly, begging doctors and meat-selling talents have become models of failure.
After the social consciousness of the so-called “success” one-sided recognition and over-strengthening, the expectations of society and the expectations of parents have become a psychological burden on almost all graduate students, especially graduates of prestigious universities.
  Professor Xu Yan from the School of Psychology of Beijing Normal University pointed out that the key to solving psychological problems of graduate students is to change the current public opinion orientation.
Ji Baocheng, president of the National People ‘s Congress, said, “It is talents who can make the satellites go to the sky, and it is also talents that can make the toilet leak-proof.”
  Since external pressure is widespread, why do some of the graduate students have psychological problems or even go to extremes?
Xu Yan believes that, in addition to students’ poor resistance to stress, schools, tutors, and parents should also take corresponding responsibilities.
For example, school psychological education usually only lasts until the undergraduate graduation, neglecting the mental health of graduate students; the tutors often have more than academic guidance and insufficient life planning guidance; parents hope to succeed, but sometimes over-care can cause more problems.