Young people rely more on social networks

Young people rely more on social networks

According to British reports, surveys show that young people are now known to use social networking sites such as Facebook to privately poke their loved ones, rather than confessing in person.

Because they feel embarrassed and even incoherent when facing people they like.

Young couples also prefer to fall in love through messages, text messages, and so on.

The study targeted 2,000 British adults.

One-fifth of them said that most of them used Facebook to communicate when they were dating; the survey respondents admitted that they did not dare to call someone they had a crush on, even receiving calls from the other party was embarrassing; only one-fourth wereInvestigators chose to use Snapchat-type software to let others know themselves.

Of the investigators, only 50% were confident in appointing admirers and showing love in person.

The traditional way of dating is dying out, and electronic information confession has become a fashion trend.

With the development of science and technology, online social tools have allowed us to avoid the embarrassment of meeting with the crush, and provide more opportunities for men and women to get rid of singles.

But this method also has a lot of shortcomings, making jokes that people ca n’t laugh at, unless they threaten the relationship between husband and wife.

According to relevant investigations, one out of seven people has sent the wrong information, and one in five has sent some flirting information to the wrong people, even their parents.

Brigham Young University has also conducted relevant investigations, and unless the two parties have become lovers, they will not easily announce their relationship publicly.

Because they think that the relationship established through the Internet is a bit virtual, and the love period of six months or even one year is not long enough.

Couples in love, girlfriends acknowledge that boyfriends send short channel refunds, etc., are very offensive. In turn, boyfriends don’t like it.

So, the feelings maintained in this way will not last long.

Courting on Facebook, dating on Facebook, even breaking up has asked for help on Facebook and other websites.

Britons are timid and cowardly. They dare to send private messages, but no one dares to call or end the relationship with each other in person.

Behavioral psychologists say, “If you want to stop being lonely this Christmas season, then sending a photo with Snapchat is a good start; if you want a more meaningful date, a possible date, send a text message.Send a news; if you want to get rid of the bill completely, then bravely pick up the phone and broadcast the other party’s number!